Nate Skywalker Death, a rising DMV rapper, was killed in a shooting in Silver Spring Dc, MD.(obituary, death)

Nate Skywalker's Demise - Nate Skywalker, a rising DMV hip-hop artist, died on Friday, November 2, 2022, in Silver Spring, Maryland, as a result of gun violence. He is also known as Nate Breezy from the DMV. The circumstances surrounding this murder are murky, and it is still being investigated. He was a cherished member of their hip-hop family and a talented rapper with a promising future, according to @HIPHOPxGAME on Twitter. Today is also his birthday, so they encourage fans and loved ones to take a moment to honor the king's life.

Nate Skywalker left a daughter behind.

The family will release Nate Skywalker's obituary and funeral arrangements...


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