Christopher Madore, also known as "DJ Cloudskipper," has passed away. + obituary, death, funeral

Sadly, DJ Cloudskipper, Christopher Madore, has passed away. We learned of Christopher Madore's passing from the numerous posts that various individuals made on social media. As of right now, Christopher Madore's family has not made any public statements about the events leading up to or describing the cause of their loved one's passing. As his family has not yet released a statement on the manner in which he died, we are unable to discuss or otherwise comment on the circumstances surrounding Christopher Madore's death.

Christopher Madore was raised in Ontario, California, and still calls that city home. He completed high school at Chaffey. He was studying music teacher education at Chaffey College at the time. He was the former Area Manager at Green Beans Coffee Company and held managerial positions at Starbucks, where he was referred to as the "Coffee Master." He previously worked as an Associate at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Newark, California. In addition, he previously worked at Healthy Spirits as the Beer Buyer.