Vinamra Sharma, a student from New Jersey, was injured in a car accident.

A car accident in New Jersey, the US, earlier this month resulted in the hospitalization of Vinamra Sharma, a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, who also sustained multiple rib fractures and a traumatic brain injury. An Indian student has reportedly been fighting for his life in a hospital after being injured in a car accident earlier this month in the American state of New Jersey, which resulted in multiple cracked ribs and a traumatic brain injury.

Vinamra Sharma, a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was "knocked unconscious" on November 12 as he was returning home from the campus of the university. According to a GoFundMe page created in Sharma's support, he was taken by ambulance to Rutgers University Hospital, where a traumatic brain injury was determined to be the cause of his condition. According to Abhishek Sharma, who spearheaded the GoFundMe campaign, the initiative was conceived by Sharma's brother.

Both Sharma's health insurance and his auto insurance do not provide coverage for accident-related expenses. Sharma is uninsured for medical expenses (he does not drive).

The intensive care unit's (ICU) services, medical examinations, and other hospital expenses are all included in the patient's current hospital bills, along with consultations with physicians, surgeons, and specialists.

All donations made through the crowdfunding campaign, which as of right now has raised close to $72,199, will be given to the student's family.