Ruben Hernandez, a Los Esmiths musician, was killed in a car accident.(obituary, biography and cause of death)

Hernandez, Ruben Death - Ruben Hernandez, an incredible musician at Los Esmiths, has died. He was said to have died in a traffic accident in El Centro, CA, on Friday, November 18, according to unverified claims. Hernandez was obsessed with singing. The news of his death astounded loved ones because it was unexpected. However, there are other claims that Ruben Hernandez was also a victim of the Dodge City accident involving the Los Chicos del 512 team.

Los Esmiths confirmed the news of Rueben's death on their Facebook page, saying, "With great sadness, we announce the passing of singer Ruben Hernandez." Hernandez, according to the page, brought joy, energy, and love to the audience. He warmed people's hearts with every performance he gave. The gift of having him in their lives was given to all current and former members. "We became brothers, we love him, and we will miss him forever." "Rest in peace, brother, and sing for the rest of your life," the page concluded.

Hernandez, Ruben The family will release the obituary and funeral arrangements...