On Sunday, Nov. 20, Verenice Ontiveros died in a car accident.(obituary, funeral, death)

Verenice Ontiveros of El Naranjo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, died on Sunday, November 20, as a result of a car accident in Dallas, Texas. Verenice Ontiveros died from his injuries sustained in the accident. We have not been able to determine what caused or contributed to the accident at this time.

Amanda Moreno of Dallas, Texas, wrote in a Facebook tribute that she rarely comes around or posts on social media anymore, but this one hit close to home. Verenice Ontiveros not only blessed her life, but she also blessed her best friend's life by bringing her pure happiness and comfort. Back in middle school, they shared a childhood.

Amanda described Verenice as a "bright little soul, a grinder, and an admirable and inspiring role model for all young females in the beauty industry." "Thank you for bringing joy to everyone around you and for supporting Jissel Pimentel!! You did me proud by taking care of her, and I promise to repay the favor. "My love, you can rest assured that she is safe with me," Amanda Moreno wrote.

Verenice Ontiveros owns Dreamy Beauté by V LLC and is a digital creator.

The family will release Verenice Ontiveros' obituary and funeral arrangements...