Omar salamen and manal kandry car accident, couple dead in deadly car crash near Ann arbor

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It really a sad loss for the family of Omar salamen and his partner manal kandry, after the pair meet their end in a deadly car crash. 

Omar salamen was Dental doctor, who practice dental surgery for morethan decades before he founded  "Dexter oral surgery and  implant center" a graduate of University of Michigan, where he complete his oral surgery training at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental medicine in Florida. 

Dr Omar salamen was native of Michigan, and he is American Association of oral maxillofacial surgeons certified Doctor, he was born and raised in Michigan. 

He was married to manal kandry, where they have three children, Omar and manal dead in dead car crash on 11th November 2022, Near Ann arbor. 

It was sad loss for more expecially for there family, their  friends and colleagues are all over Facebook sharing their deepest condolences.