Nigerian Rapper dablixx Oshaa passed away lastest news

Twifeed gathered that Nigerian rapper Dablixx Oshaa is no more; this came a few hours after the rapper complained through his social media handles that he was not feeling well.

Dablixx Oshaa was a Nigerian upcoming artist; though he was not quite known, in some parts of Nigeria he was quite known, especially in Lagos State.
Oniyide Azeez, popularly known as Dablixx Oshaa, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 27, 1995, to a Yoruba family; his parents are from Ogun State, Nigeria. He started his music career as a solo artist through Instagram and posted freestyles almost every day during the beginning of his career as a rapper.
Dablixx Oshaa's death was first announced by his family, in which his friends, fans, and family are mourning, as well as expressing his legacies.
Dablixx Oshaa's death came as a great shock to his friends and fans, although he had just announced a couple of hours earlier to his fans that he was having a stomach ache. Oshaa is dead as a result of a stomach ache, according to his family. Oshaa once says in his song that his mother once dreamed that he passed away.