NC Karen Sinders The middle school principal in Wake County passed away(obituary)

Karen Sinders's passing On Monday, November 21, 2022, Karen Sinders, a middle school principal in Wake County, North Carolina, passed away at work. The Lufkin Road Middle School PTA posted a notice of Karen Sinders' passing on Facebook on Monday. We mourn the passing of Karen Sinders, our principal, with sorrowful hearts. Mrs. Sinders passed away today at the school.

On social media, Apex, North Carolina Mayor Jacques Gilbert shared his sorrow. "Today is a day of mourning for Karen Sinders, principal of Lufkin Road Middle School. Karen dedicated her best in her leadership and dedication as an educator, ensuring that all pupils had the chance to succeed. She always made an entrance with her beautiful smile. The passing of a jovial friend, coworker, and community member has left me incredibly heartbroken. She will be missed. We send our love to her family, friends, loved ones, students, and staff on behalf of the Apex community.