Jim Lawson teacher at Harpers ferry Middle school death, biography, obituary

Click here to download & watch  the video footage :https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ

It was sad to announce the passing of Jim Lawson, an agriculture teacher at Harpers ferry Middle  school. 

It was sad for his family, friends and students to bear this great loss Jim Lawson has always been a good friend, teacher, and family man. 

He was describe as someone, who dedicated most of his life, in making his student happy by teaching in some cheerful ways, he will be forever remembered by that. 

Jim Lawson biography was not yet available to us, because there's no any official information of his date of birth, as well as his background. 

Jim Lawson cause of death,  as well was still not officially announced, the same thing as his funeral. 

Click here to download & watch  the video footage :https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ