Anna Duncan Maumelle AR, a teacher at Academics Plus Charter Schools, has died.(obituary, funeral, biography)

Anna Duncan, a teacher at Academics Plus Charter Schools in Maumelle, Arkansas, has died. She died on Friday, November 18, 2022. On Sunday, November 20th, Payton Steadman announced Anna Duncan's death on Facebook, writing, "Anna Duncan, this world will never be the same without you." With your smile and laughter, you brightened any room you entered." At the time of writing, the cause of her death had not been made public.

Who was  Anna Duncan? 

She was a fantastic teacher who consistently inspired her students to give their all in class. Her impact on the lives of our children as an educator will not be forgotten, and those who were fortunate enough to have been in her company will remember her fondly for the rest of their lives. Her students looked forward to spending time with her because they admired and respected her. Anna Duncan may be the epitome of refinement.

Her family and students both held her in high regard. She was remembered for her intelligence and understanding, as well as her wonderful and contagious joy. Her loved ones were overjoyed for her because of all she had accomplished in her life, both professionally and personally. Her family was extremely proud of her. Everyone who enjoyed her company will remember her fondly.

Anna Duncan had the upbeat, eager demeanor of someone who was always up for a conversation. As soon as he enters a room, the illumination increases even more than before. She was extremely motivated and enthusiastic about her work, and she was completely committed to her career.