After performing at the London Jazz Festival, musician and pianist David Ornette Cherry passed away(obituary)

Death of David Ornette Cherry - Piano player, composer, and son of renowned jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, David Ornette Cherry passed away. After paying tribute to his father at the London Jazz Festival on Sunday, November 20, 2022, David Ornette Cherry was declared deceased. Sources claim that David Ornette Cherry passed away in his hotel room from an asthma attack. When he passed away, David Ornette Cherry was 64 years old. Acoustic piano, electronic keyboards, melodica, wood flute, and douss'n gouni were among his instruments.

The reason behind David Ornette Cherry's demise
David Ornette Cherry passed suddenly after his performance on Sunday night at the London Jazz Festival. He had been to Copenhagen to see his family before performing in London with the Chicago Ensemble and family members. He died after an asthma attack in his hotel room. It was confirmed by sources that he has been unwell for some time.