A youth behead his mother in Turkey and threw out her head

At the last minute, his mother's throat switched He threw her head from the balcony In Baclar, Ali S. killed his mother, Hava S., with a knife. 

The suspect, who threw his mother's head off on the balcony, then set the house on fire. While the suspect was taken into custody, the fire in the house was extinguished. 

A statement came from the police about the brutality. Around 16.30 p.m., the incident occurred on Fevzi akmak Mahallesi 2005. Street.Ali S., who is alleged to be a drug addict, argued with his mother for an unknown reason. Upon notification, police, firefighters, and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. The suspect locked himself in the burning house. The police teams detained the suspect, who broke the door and rescued him as injured. Neighbor Mesut Usta said, 

"We know that he is a substance addict. We learned that he cut off his mother's head. We have no idea why. After the murder, he burned down his house. He went out on the balcony, showed his mother's head to people, and threw it on the street. He fell in front of a passing motorbike. "
He did not leave the house, and the police detained him there," he said.


The following statements were used in the statement made by the police regarding the brutality: * In the studies carried out in Baclar district regarding the crime of willful killing, it was determined that the woman named H.S.(58) was killed with a knife wound by the person named A.S.(26) in the incident that took place in the Fevzi Akmarkaz District around 16.00, and it was transferred to the scene. Under the control of H.S. It was seen that the woman named A.S. died in the living room of the house. It is understood that the person started a fire. In research, A.S. The suspect, named H.S. It was determined that he was the son of the murdered woman, and it was also understood that the suspect was on the run from mental and nervous diseases.