Zaire Lassiter, a Hillsborough High School student, was reportedly killed in a car accident. + obituary, funeral

Unsubstantiated reports claim that Zaire Lassiter, who lives in Tampa, Florida, was involved in a car accident that left him with serious injuries. According to unconfirmed sources, Zaire Lassiter, a Hillsborough High School American football player, died as a result of the accident's injuries and was later pronounced dead.

It is not yet possible to verify these claims because the official authorities have not yet released any official reports on the accident or naming Lassiter as an accident victim. These sources declined to comment on the outcomes of the preliminary investigation conducted by the authorities. What caused the collision and what caused the infamous incident are currently unknown.

We don't have any verified information about Zaire Lassiter's funeral arrangements or obituary... This story is still developing.