(Video) Mickey and Friends Parking Structure Death | Disneyland Parking Structure Death video

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The principal of an elementary school in Huntington Beach and a musician who performed and taught all over Southern California committed suicide on Saturday, December 3 by leaping to his death from a parking garage at Disneyland.

A misdemeanor child endangerment charge led to the arrest of Christopher Christensen, 51, of Westminster, last month as well. He had a Monday court date.

According to Anaheim police and the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Christensen was discovered dead on Saturday night around 9 p.m. after it was reported that a man had fallen from the parking structure at Mickey & Friends.

He probably committed suicide, according to the police.

On Saturday, Christensen, the former headmaster of Newland Elementary School, posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page.

"I detest it when people depart from this world with so many unresolved issues. So, hopefully this gives you some perspective and insight," he wrote.

In the note, it was mentioned that the police had been called to a dispute.

He wrote, "I am about to lose my job." I'm here, then. composing my last Facebook post to all of you. I must let you all know that a misfortunate night has destroyed a gentle, kind, loving, and sincerely good man.

According to court documents, the alleged acts were allegedly committed on November 15. Christensen was arrested after that and released on November 17 after posting a $10,000 bond.

On Sunday, there was no information available about the case. On Monday, a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for him in court.

Christensen previously served as the principal of Courreges Elementary School, also in the Fountain Valley District, in Huntington Beach, where he had worked as an administrator for 22 years.

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