Sean Leahy A US Marine Corps and ice hockey advocate from Pennsylvania has died - GoFundMe(obituary)

Many friends and close relatives shared the news of Sean Leahy's death on Facebook on December 5th, 2022. According to reports, Sean Leahy died on December 4, 2022. Sean Leahy died unexpectedly, leaving friends and family in mourning and heartbroken. Sean Leahy served in the United States Marine Corps. Sean, according to Conor Downs, is a true lion of a man and a Marine.

Any aspirant infantry officer in the early 2010s who had to go through the Infantry Officer Course feared and revered this man, he continued. Sean was a coworker of Conor Downs' during his time serving as Company Command in the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, he revealed. "I got to see a totally different side of him and was in complete awe of his presence and leadership," Downs recalled saying. He had fiercely loyal Marines who would have followed him wherever he went. He will be regarded as a renowned Marine officer who cherished his family and his Marines.

One of the most loyal and honorable people you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing was without a doubt Sean Leahy. He served as an example of what an obedient servant should be. He was a devoted father and husband to his family. He was at his very best when he was working with his team. Sean was a natural leader of men, whether it was a company of Marines or the hockey teams his sons played on. Sean's greatest loves in the world were his wife, Meg, and their two sons, Ryan and Zack.