Austin Robert LeClaire, 26, of Plymouth, shot girlfriend in the head and fled to Wisconsin.

A Plymouth man is suspected of shooting his girlfriend after throwing her a birthday party, taking the gun to Wisconsin, and then dumping it there. According to court documents, Austin Robert LeClaire, 26, was charged with second-degree attempted murder on November 25 after his 23-year-old girlfriend was found in their garage with a gunshot wound to the head. On the night of the incident, a neighbor was speaking to LeClaire when Plymouth Police officers arrived at a residence in the 14300 block of 40th Place.

He initially told the police over the phone that he had been talking to his girlfriend when he heard a gunshot. When the police arrived at the garage, they discovered LeClaire's girlfriend lying next to a car in a pool of blood. Her condition worsened after she was taken to the hospital, and according to the court documents that were submitted on Friday, she has "permanent, significant, life-threatening injuries." LeClaire called the police after hearing his girlfriend breathe but not speak after the pistol went off. He claimed he had been at work during the incident but was now on his way home and would be there in about 20 minutes, according to the criminal complaint.