Who is Adin Ross twitch, white,alive, height, ethnicity,parents (Adin Ross twitch swat video banned)

Adin Ross was a name that will be remembered in twitch; he was quite popular. Adin was not on twitch for very long, but with his dedication, he rose to great fame in a short period of time. He was banned from twitch for the third time yesterday after being swatted while streaming.

How did Adina Ross become famous?
Adin Ross rose to fame for his involvement in a lot of controversies; he was banned more than three times on Twitch. At the time, Adin was 22 years old; he was born in Florida on October 11, 2000. He joined Twitch in 2020. What makes Adin popular is his collaboration with popular streamers, as well as with well-known rappers; he once invited Rapper Lil Yacht to make some homophobic jokes.
Adin Ross was banned from Twitch after being swatted on stream.
This has to do with twitch rules, which state that a streamer's stream must not be diverted by anything, such as being drunk, sleeping, or becoming unconscious, which is most likely why Adin Ross was banned, because Adin Ross stated on Twitter that he was banned twice because he was swatted, but he later deleted the tweet..