Tom Edwards, a captain and rugby player for Yorkshire, has passed away.(obituary) twifeed

Tom Edwards's passing: On November 17, 2022, early on a Thursday morning, Tom Edwards, a 29-year-old Yorkshire rugby player who led Selby RUFC's first team, passed away. D J Skelton, the club president of Selby RUFC, declared Tom Edwards dead. The club announces that it is shocked and saddened by the sudden death of their popular and adored captain. Former Wetherby RUFC player Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards, who was he?

Tom Edwards attended the Read School in the English town of Drax for his education. He has received accolades from Selby's rugby coach, Mark Pearson, for his perseverance, bravery, consideration, and compassion. He was a standout member of the team and a standout rugby player. Tom played more than 150 games for our first XV after progressing through the Wetherby junior program and served as captain several times.


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