Taksim istanbul Turkey under heavy Terriost attrack (taksim patlama, taksim square istanbul video footage)

Click here to download & watch  the video footage :https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ

Just now, street  of taksim square, Istanbul was under a heavy Terriost attrack, it was still a developing story, journalists, and TV reporters are banned from entering the place. 

According to eyes witness who was not far, from the place where the incident happens, says In Facebook post"Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know we are safe. A bit ago there was a bombing in Taksim Square not far from our hotel. It’s a street we frequent (Istikal) we posted videos of the trolley there. Thankful we were not there tonight. Many injured and some deaths. Please keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏽🇹🇷😢 A scary moment for us but thankful to be safe, locked down in our hotel"

Also the authorities are yet to say anything about the incident, it was gathered that the attack was a terrorist attack, almost 5 people were killed, and more than 36 are injured.