Roots Hair Lounge stylist Rizza Marie Benton, 33, passed away(obituary)

Owner of the inclusive hair business Roots Hair Lounge and cosmetologist Rizza Benton passed away. At the age of 33, Rizza Marie Benton passed away on Saturday, November 19, 2022. Richarda Marie Benton, Hours have passed while I've been awake attempting to process the loss of you. Because I was speechless, you gave me inspiration to write and draw about you. You have my friendship in this poetry, my friend. Until we next meet, soar high! You are missed and loved. Rizza's passing was reported on Facebook.

"I'm not sure I can digest this. Please remember Ollie and Syd during this time. You were definitely one of the most stunning persons I've ever had the joy of knowing, and you affected the lives of many others.

The reason behind Rizza Benton's death
At the time of publication, no information regarding the circumstances surrounding Rizza Marie Benton's death had been released to the public. However, the family has confirmed Rizza Marie Benton's demise. The LGBTQ wellness center, the Benton family, and friends are still mourning Rizza's passing.