Ronda Bird, who had gone missing, was killed in a car accident in Dallas.(biography, obituary and cause of death, funeral )

Ronda Bird Death - Ronda Bird, who had been reported missing, has been identified as the victim of a fatal car accident. In a Facebook tribute, Sabrina Stevenson wrote that Ronda was her bonus sister, the one who loved her brother unconditionally, her secret place of understanding. Sabrina stated that she will comprehend why this had to happen. Thank you, Ronda Bird, for always being so genuine and pure hearted to the entire family since the day her bubby brought Ronda into our lives, Stevenson wrote. "I'll Always Love You, Send My Bubby Signs Letting Him Know You're With Him," she said at the end.

She was discovered dead from apparent injuries sustained in an accident. Ronda Bird lived in Lewisville, Texas, but is originally from Bakersfield, California. Official accident reports are not available at this time.

The family will release Ronda Bird's obituary and funeral arrangements...