Robert Leap of Swedesboro, New Jersey, died. His family and friends mourn his passing.(obituary)

Robert Leap's Death - According to a Facebook post made by Niki Bachman on November 20, 2022, Robert Leap has died. Robert Leap died on November 19, 2022. 'We love you Robert Leap and you will be extremely missed,' Niki Bachman wrote in response to the news of Robert Leap's death.

Robert Leap was born in Gloucester City, New Jersey, and lived in Swedesboro, New Jersey, according to her Facebook post.
Despite the fact that Robert Leap was a wonderful person, he had no difficulty connecting with or learning from others. He was also excellent at keeping her secrets. Robert Leap was gifted and skilled at quickly adapting to changing circumstances, whether it was a new deadline or new obligations imposed on him. Robert was well-liked in his community and will be greatly missed by family and friends.