Ramon Hernandez has been charged with the murder of Bryan Merriam.(obituary)

Bryan Merriam's death-After an investigation into allegations that he killed another man with a baseball bat, police in Florida arrested the suspect in this case. In this case, the suspect has been charged with first-degree murder. Sheriff's deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office responded to a call Friday afternoon in Oldsmar, Florida, after learning that a man had been beaten with a baseball bat in the surrounding area.

Merriam was murdered with a bat by Hernandez.
Following an investigation, it was determined that Hernandez went to Merriam's house armed with a metal bat designed specifically for baseball. He acted in this manner because he had a strong suspicion that his girlfriend was hiding somewhere in Merriam's house, and he wanted to find her as soon as possible. Hernandez is believed to have approached Merriam, struck him multiple times in the head with the bat, and then fled the scene before being apprehended. Hernandez is the primary suspect in this investigation.