Monti mundhwa dead in a terrible car accident.

We sorry to announce the death of the Indian personality Monti mundhwa,news of his death just reached us, he dead a couple of hours ago in india. 

Monti mundhwa was an Indian personality actor, and social media influencer, his social media handles has over 100k followers. 

He was quite known among the local Indians, as a super hero,  to which they attribute his success as something divine and respected. 

Monti mundhwa dead as a result of a terrible car accident, in his home town while returning from a journey early this morning, this was made known by his family who  shared the news hours after he was announced dead. 

His fans are still in total shock of his sudden death, as a lot are joining his family, fans and friends to mourn his death. 

Monti mundhwa will be forever remembered as a super hero, some one who contributed to humanity through his art, our deepest condolence to his family, fans,  and friends.