Michael S. Warner and his wife were discovered dead in Kingsport; an investigation is ongoing.

According to Kingsport Police Department officials, the bodies of a married couple were discovered in the early hours of Tuesday with what appeared to be gunshot wounds (KPD). Both of the victims showed signs of having been shot. According to a press release issued by the department, officers were called to a residence on Idle Hour Road around nine o'clock on Tuesday morning in response to the discovery of two bodies inside the residence.

This was in response to the discovery of the bodies of two people inside the residence. This information was included in the press release that was distributed. A member of the Warner family, according to reports, was the one who discovered the bodies, which have since been identified as those of Michael S. Warner, 66, and Loretta J. Warner, 67. S. Michael

It was discovered that Warner and Loretta J. Warner passed away naturally. The house on Idle Hour Road where their skeletons were discovered in the backyard is thought to have been the residence of the deceased married couple. The house is on Idle Hour Road in the 1700 block. The situation has been resolved as follows, per the statement that was stated in the news release, "Based upon the preliminary investigation."