Michael Chavez, a professor at the University of Houston-Downtown, has died.(obituary)

Michael Chavez died. Michael Chavez, Senior Consultant for Enrollment Management Data and Analytics at the University of Houston-Downtown, has died. Michael Chavez died on November 21, 2022. Michael overcame numerous challenges throughout his life to become not only a professor, but also a doctor of education. He urged all students, but especially those of color, to put forth significant effort and to never give up. Michael Chavez's cause of death was unknown at the time this article was published.

Michael Chavez, who was he?

Michael graduated from Pecos High School. Michael Chavez attended New Mexico Junior College and majored in Liberal Arts. He also attended the University of the Southwest and majored in Psychology and Counseling. He went on to Texas Tech University to study Higher Education Administration and Leadership. He attended New Mexico State University and majored in Educational Administration. At Syracuse University, he majored in Business Analytics.

Cause of Death for Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez died on November 21, 2022, from unknown causes.