Lamron Quan, Lil Durk Affiliate, and KD were shot and killed in North Dakota (obituary)

Lamron Quan is no longer alive. Lamron Quan, an associate of American rapper Lil Durk, was killed this morning after shooting KD. At 3:15 a.m., officers from the Fargo Police Department responded to a shooting in the 1000 block of 15th Street N. According to reports, Lamron Quan shot and killed KD after he opened fire on him-(Lamron Quan)- following a heated argument inside a North Dakota apartment. The incident resulted in a large police presence in the area.

According to reports, two people were shot and killed early Saturday morning in Fargo, and authorities are now investigating. After an argument near North Dakota State University, two males allegedly killed each other. At 3:15 a.m., police were called to the 1000 block of 15th Street N., where they discovered two victims with gunshot wounds.

Another neighbor stated that yelling and arguments between several people kept him awake at night. The neighbor heard three gunshots but couldn't tell if the fight was between men or between a man and a woman. Police stated in a press release that the two males knew each other but provided no further information. Kierre "KD" Davis and "Lamron Quan," a man