Kelly cousins Liverpool video (Kelly cousins Liverpool s+x in public video)

Kelly's cousins made a video that many people take as a public disgrace, as it shows Kelly herself engaging in some sex*ual act with a man in public, in front of more than 100 people.

The news came a day after the incident, although many people said Kelly was drunk at the time. Surprisingly,  it was Kelly who first shared the video.
The video immediately sparked a lot of reactions, and many people are angry with Kelly's act; she was summoned to court the following day, in which case she was charged with public indecency.
The attorney says that what Kelly did will be regarded as public indecency because the place where she did this attracts many tourists and they come from different backgrounds, so it will make them sick to witness such an act.
Kelly cousins was drunk at the time of the incident, the man was still not found, but probably he was in a hideout.

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