Kathleen Forstrom has been identified as the victim of a car accident.

Forstrom, Kathleen Kathleen Forstrom, 61, of Estherville, was killed in a two-vehicle head-on collision early Sunday morning, Nov. 27. According to the report, a woman who had been identified as the victim of an accident that resulted in her death was discovered to have been a passenger in one of the two automobiles that collided head-on early on November 27 in Emmet County, Iowa. The collision was the direct cause of her passing. The occurrence occurred very early in the morning. Her untimely death was directly related to the earlier head-on collision between the two cars.

The lady who was a passenger in one of the cars heading towards Iowa City was originally from Estherville, Iowa, and she was traveling in that general direction. She was involved in the event in some capacity.

According to the report turned in by Sheriff Mike Martens, two separate cars were involved in the accident and collided with one another. Randy Clabaugh, 66, of Independence, Minnesota, was driving the car traveling southbound when it collided with Kathleen Forstrom, 61, of Estherville, Minnesota. Forstrom was in the driver's seat of the vehicle traveling northbound.


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