Identification of Taylan Broussard of Lafayette, LA as the fatal accident victim. (obituary, death)

Authorities have identified the person who perished in the fatal vehicle crash that claimed the life of Taylan Broussard. Taylan Broussard, 22, of Lafayette, Louisiana, died as a result of the injuries he received in the collision. In a serious collision involving several vehicles, including a bicycle, an automobile, and two motorcyclists, officers from the Lafayette Police Department were called. Around six o'clock in the evening on November 20, 2022, several vehicles collided in the 500 block of Foreman Drive.

The manner of death of Taylan Broussard
One person has reportedly died as a result of their injuries, according to the authorities. Two additional people have been hurt and have been taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention. One of the individuals who was transferred is in a stable condition, while the other is in a critical one. The crash investigation is still ongoing.