Full tuimala fire video viral (link tuimala fire full video trending Download Reddit)

Watch the video here;https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ

This week, a live-streamed video that was extensively circulated on Facebook featured her pleading for assistance. Following a house fire in Neiafu on Tuesday, police said that Tu'imala Uinis Moala, 46, "died from smoke inhalation and very serious burning."

Watch the video here;https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ

According to them, the woman was caught in the fire and the husband was able to escape.

The police statement followed the release of a number of horrible footage shot at the house fire scene, much to the horror of the locals and the Tongan international web community.

Watch the video here;https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ

Social media users have been sharing a video of Tuimala Uinis Moala, a native of Vava'u, Tonga, who perished in a housefire. The 46-year-old woman couldn't get out of the burning house.

Netizens have since taken to social media to express disdain over those who recorded the jarring moments instead of offering help. One person said that while the victim was burning inside the house, people were recording the video. When questioned about why they did it, the user said, "5 seconds of fame while someone lost their life?" Watch the full video.

Watch the video here;https://bit.ly/3DvtRsZ


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