Family members mourn the loss of Allison Kramer of Elmhurst, Illinois. (Allison Kramer of Elmhurst death, biography, obituary)

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 Death of Allison Kramer: At this time, it is unknown what caused Allison Kramer of Elmhurst, Illinois, to die away because neither the cause of death nor the circumstances surrounding it have been made public. Kramer lives in Chicago, Illinois, despite being an Elmhurst native. On her Facebook page, Kylen Angela of San Francisco, California, posted homage to Kramer.

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Angela claimed that Allie could make anyone laugh and that she could make friends with practically anyone. There was always an adventure with Allie leading the way, whether it was weekends spent at middle school travel basketball games, hours spent playing DDR in one of the basements in high school, or numerous nights out in college and after graduation. There was never a dull moment, an awkward moment, or a moment when Angela couldn't be completely herself around Allie.

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Allison Kramer welcomed everyone; she was straightforward, courageous, very intelligent, and hilarious. Kylen always liked that Allie lived life to the fullest and was shamelessly herself. "Allison Kramer, you are loved and missed by all. At the very least, I hope the pearly gates were painted pink for your arrival," Kylen Angela said.

Alicia Kramer The family will announce the obituary and funeral plans at a later time.


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