Brazilian cultural singer Rolando boldrin passed away at 86.

The Brazilian music industry, as well as its fans, awoke this morning to the sad news that one of its members, Rolando Boldrin, had died.

Rolando Boldrin will be remembered as one of the defenders of Brazilian culture through his music; he is the singer behind the song "Mr. Brazil" as a result of his tenacity and decision to preserve Brazilian cultures.

Rolando Boldrin was born in Brazil into a music family, and he has spent decades perfecting his music as well as the languages and cultures of Brazil, he is songwriter, television presenter, radicalism, and composer. 
Rolando Brodeur is dead as a result of a short illness. This was made known by his family, and already his fans are rushing to social media to mourn this great loss, he was 86.
Rolando Boldrin will be remembered as a great man who spent a significant portion of his life preserving Brazilian cultures and introducing them to the rest of the world through his music. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and fans.