Bob Arndt of Cosmos, Minnesota, died, and his family is in mourning. (obituary, biography, death and causes of death)

Bob Arndt's Death - Bob Arndt has sadly died. Mark Dallmann posted on Facebook on Saturday, November 19, 2022, informing us of Bob Arndt's death. "Sadly, the community of Cosmos has lost another long-time resident," according to the Facebook post. I just found out that Bob Arndt died this evening. Delores, Greg, and Gail are in our thoughts and prayers."

As of this writing, the family of Bob Arndt has not made any public statements about the circumstances surrounding their loved one's death or the cause of death. We are unable to discuss or comment on the events that led up to Bob Arndt's death because his family has not yet issued a statement regarding his death. Bob Arndt's death has left his family and friends heartbroken and distraught.

The family will release Bob Arndt's obituary and funeral arrangements.