Ben Gillis of Little Chute, Wisconsin, has died, and his family is in mourning - GoFundMe

Ben Gillis Has Died - Ben Gillis has died. Alyssa Henninger posted on Facebook on Sunday, November 20, 2022, informing us of Ben Gillis' death. "My head hurts trying to comprehend, or even wrap my head around you being gone," the Facebook post says. My heart is broken after learning the truth. Take it easy. Gillis, Ben We'll ride together again one day. Tell Dylan Rosenthal that we miss him too, and start the party for us up there. I'll see you up there someday."

Cause of Death for Ben Gillis

Ben Gillis allegedly committed suicide, according to a Facebook post by Michael Rock Goodreau. At this time, the family of Ben Gillis has made no public statements about the circumstances surrounding their loved one's death or the cause of death. We are unable to discuss or otherwise comment on the circumstances surrounding Ben Gillis's death because his family has not yet released a statement regarding how he died.