Antonio Brown, Gisele Bundchen sex tapes & nudes pictures. (leaked link download)

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In case you missed it, Antonio Brown is the worst.

We're talking about the same guy who ripped off his jersey and quit in the middle of a game against the New York Jets last season while playing for Tampa Bay, and groped a woman while swimming naked in a hotel pool in Dubai.

It's been incredible to watch him go from being the best wide receiver in the NFL to a disgrace, blackballed by the league, his teammates, and the few friends he still has.

And in his most recent antics, he's been slamming his former quarterback Tom Brady, who is going through a divorce with his longtime wife Gisele B√ľndchen.

Brown has posted a number of pictures and comments about Brady and Gisele's divorce on social media, including photoshopping his face onto Brady's face alongside Gisele in family photos.