Anthony Pizza, of Rutherford, New Jersey, passed away.(obituary, death)

Anthony Pizza's Death - Family members have taken to social media to mourn the recent death of Anthony Pizza, a resident of Rutherford, New Jersey. He died on November 18, 2022, at the age of 47. On Saturday, November 19th, he was declared dead in a publication that stated, "My childhood best friend Kim lost her husband last night." We've known each other since seventh grade and have been through it all together. The cause of Anthony Pizza's death is unknown.

Anthony Pizza was always amused. His infectious optimism made him a joy to be around. He was an inspiration, a gifted artist, and a selfless humanitarian. His talent and positive outlook will live on in legend. Anthony Pizza's inventiveness, vivacity, darkly humorous sense of humor, contagious laughter, and ease with humor have moved many people.