A tragic accident claimed the life of Phillip Conner, a Lake Charles, St. Louis Catholic High School athlete.

Death of Phillip Conner According to a Facebook post by Carter Sutton on November 22, 2022, Phillip Conner has passed away. According to reports, Phillip Conner was killed in a catastrophic Louisiana accident. At the time of publishing, details of the car accident that claimed Phillip Conner's life had not been made public. Carter Sutton, a dear friend of Phillip Conner, wrote in response to the news of his passing:

a timely reminder of how frail life can be... It's difficult to believe this is true, but all I can picture is a young Phillip attempting to put off finishing his arithmetic homework. Love one another as if it were your last day on earth because you never know when it might be. Offer the Conner family your prayers.